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Our simplified process begins by contacting us. We then, at no cost to you, begin designing a specific system tailored to your energy needs.

Expert Analysis

We use Earth Imaging Azimuth Tools, SolarGraf and Google Earth Satellite Photos to get the exact layout, direction and measurements of your roof.  Couple this with your energy needs and we are well on our way to a simple, beautiful installation. Of course, an expert technician will also do a thorough property inspection before we begin installation.

Leading Technology

The photovoltaic panels, or PV panels, we install are guaranteed to give you the lowest price per watt with the most flexible terms. And we don’t just throw the panels. We take pride in installing systems that look elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

Essentially, the PV panels take the sun’s energy and turn it into direct current energy. That energy then passes through an inverter changing the DC energy to the alternating current (AC) energy that your home uses.


We work with our partners to stay on the cutting edge of technology in order to bring you the best quality with the best technology at the best price.


Some homes are older than others. In staying current with the technology, there may be a need to upgrade your electrical panel. During a thorough analysis of your property our expert technicians will inform you of any need for upgrades. The upgrade will allow your new solar energy system to pass city inspection, operate with you main service panel, function properly and efficiently long into the future. All upgrades are included in every proposal and we guarantee that we will not try to install an AZ West Solar system unless it makes financial sense to you.

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